Mt. Pinatubo

About Mt. Pinatubo
Mount Pinatubo is an active stratovolcano located in Botolan, Zambales, Philippines. It gained worldwide recognition for its cataclysmic eruption in 1991, which was one of the most significant volcanic eruptions of the 20th century. Today, Mount Pinatubo is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning crater lake and scenic landscapes. To visit Mount Pinatubo, most visitors start their journey from Capas, Tarlac, which is the jump-off point for the trek. From there, you can arrange for transportation to the starting point of the hike. The trek to the crater typically involves a combination of walking, riding 4x4 vehicles, and hiking through volcanic ash and rugged terrain. The journey to the crater is an adventure in itself, as you traverse through the remnants of the eruption, including lahar canyons and ash-covered landscapes. Along the way, you can appreciate the remarkable transformation of the area since the eruption, with nature reclaiming the once-devastated land. Upon reaching the crater, visitors are rewarded with a picturesque view of the stunning Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake. The lake's turquoise waters nestled within the crater walls create a breathtaking sight. Swimming or boating in the crater lake is not permitted due to safety concerns, but you can enjoy the scenery and take memorable photographs.